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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello again! I have just come back from shopping at the mall with my family. I have been thinking if I should do this or not, but why not. Today I will be telling you some good fashion blogs you can find. It caries from photography to reviews, or just fashion talk. So, here's the list:
1.  ShoeLust- A good blog to find some cute shoes. Mostly photography though, but has some pretty unique styles.
2. TextBook- Nice blog with hand drawn fashion. Good blog for inspiration if you want to become a fashion designer.
3. StyledOn- nice blog with fashion videos and photography. Has a lot of unique fashion styles.
 4. CreateTheGroup-  similar to the one above.
 5. FashionToast- My favorite place. You can find a lot of inspiration and read what people have to say   about trending fashions.
So here is my list of all the fashion blogs. These are just in my opinion, but if you have more that you think are good, please let me know and I'll go check it out and post it on to this list, and tell me what you think of these blogs. Ciao!

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