Polyvore Review

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to do  a review on a site called Polyvore. This site is basically kind of like an online shopping community, but you don't chat with each other. You can make like your own fashion layout or like find fashion clothing and paste them onto a layout and show it to other people on the site. What I really love about this site is that, you can easily find where to buy the fashion clothing or whatever they put on their fashion layout thing. You just hover your cursor over the piece of clothing you like and they tell you where you can buy this item and how much it's worth. I actually discovered Nasty Gal through this site. If you guys don't know what Nasty Gal is, then please look at my previous review, but most of their products posted on here are a bit pricey. Like ranging 20-100+, but still I think it's worth checking out because you never know what you will find. By the way, the link to this site is here.  You'd be surprised at how many cool items you can find on here. I really love this place, but sadly the only thing is that they only show really expensive items. Anyways, I'll stop here for now. I'll try making another review as soon as possible.                                                                          

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