Tips on Getting Rid Of Acne

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hi guys! Since today, I'm not so busy, I'll have more time to write on my blog. Today I was thinking about talking to you guys about acne and how you can prevent them or get rid of them. First off, Acne can leave scars on you skin for a very long time and we all know that's not a pretty site. Some things that might cause acne are if you eat too much junk food because junk food has oil in them and the excess oil can produce in your skin to cause acne, and sometimes oily cosmetics may cause acne. Everyone gets acne, even me, you, and even celebrities. I have acne all the time, and whenever I get them, they can get really bad, but there are ways that I use to cure them or prevent them,

1. Drink Water- Water hydrates your skin, and it flushes out the toxic in your body. Try drinking water everyday or with every meal you eat. I drink up to 8 glasses or water each day, and it really helped my acne problem a lot.

2. Facial Cleansing- Another thing that I'm sure you all know is facial cleansing. You should always cleanse your face every morning and night. I have tried many cleansing products, and some work better than others, but that's just depending on the type of skin you have. The skin types that you can have are oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin. If you want to know more about these skin types, you can check this website. I consider my skin type to be oily because my skin would always feel oily or look shiny whenever come back home after going shopping or coming back from school. The cleanser I would recommend if you have oily skin is the philosophy purity cleanser. I use this everyday and it just feels good on my skin, and doesn't make it look as oily. There have been a lot of positive feedback from users of this cleanser, and you should give it a try. You can either buy it online or at a sephora shop.

3. Don't pop them!- Just like I have written, do not pop your acne. If you do, it'll just get worse and your scars will take longer to leave. Trust me. I have popped my acne before and that's when I learned it was a bad idea because the scar from the acne lasted for almost more than 2 weeks. So don't pop you acne if you want them to go away faster.

4. Exercise- Another good way is exercising because when you exercise, you sweat. I know that may sound weird, but sweating is good for you skin, but don't just stay in your sweaty clothes. You should hit the showers right after you finish exercising to wash off all the dirt.

I guess that is all the tips I have to give you on getting rid of acne. I hope these tips help you and work for you like they do for me. Anyways, I'm going to stop talking now. Happy cleansing!

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