Where to Buy Makeup Brands for Cheap

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Again! I promised you guys that I would post up a list of all the websites and places where you can buy makeup brands for a cheaper price. Most of the sites I list are ones I think are legit and trustworthy. Well than, let's get started!
1.  HauteLook- This site is online purchase only and they sell a variety of things for half the original price. They even sell brand clothes, and they update almost everyday. Sell up to 75% or more. You need to sign up to look through the site though.
2. TheBlueOutlet- this site is really limited. Not much brands you can find, but you can some pretty good prices. You don't need to sign up to view. A good place to buy naked palettes. They sell for $29-30, it would usually cost $50.00 for these.
3. AllCosmeticsWholesale- Has a large selection, but the site might still be expensive for some products. Good place to buy Mac cosmetics.

So here is the list of places I recommend to buy cheaper makeup brand prices. If you guys have anymore you want me to add on the list then please comment on this post and I'll try to post it up as soon as I can. Well then, I'll see you guys next time. Have a nice day!

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