2012 Hairstyle Trends

Sunday, November 11, 2012

     Hello again! I'm sorry for the late posts, but I'll try an d update as fast as I can from now on. Anyways, today I'm going to tell you guys what types of hairstyles have been trending in 2012. Although 2012 is about to come to an end, I'm still going to talk about this. Maybe I'll do another hairstyle trend in 2013. Well then, let's get started!

The Long and Bouncy hairstyle.
This style gives people with long hair an elegant yet relaxing finish to their hair. This hairstyle has been around the 70's, but now many people have been doing their hair this way. Many celebrities today have this style of hairstyle and what I like about this type of hairstyle is that it can be done very quickly and you can wear it on casual days or important events.

Piled up and pinned hairstyle.
This hairstyle looks as if it was done very stylishly and at the same time not. This hairstyle doesn't require much materials. All you need are a lot of bobby pins. Although it may need require a lot of work to try to get the look of looking effortlessly chic. I love this hairstyle because it's always good for when I am going out with friends or to a party.

Side part hairstyle.
This hairstyle is perfect for both short and long hair. The side parting of hair has been popular for many years. This hairstyle works for many of the fashion trends, and I have been doing my hair like this for years and I still love it. I wear it this way every time I'm in a rush to get somewhere.

Textured Side Braid Hairstyle.
Braids have been trending for many years, but not every braid has to been done neatly. This hairstyle is perfect for the fall weather especially since it's very windy. This hairstyle is perfect for people who have mid length hair or long hair. I love this hairstyle because It's perfect for this windy weather and my hair wouldn't be flying all over my face. As some people say, the messier the better.

Well that's all I have some up with for trending 2012 hairstyles. If you guys think there are more, please leave a comment below and I'll try adding it to the list. Anyways, that's enough of me talking, I hope you guys have a wonderful day! I'm going into my bed and hopefully I will stay warm in there. Bye!

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