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Friday, November 9, 2012

     Hello guys! I was thinking about this for some time, but wasn't sure if I should, but why not. This is a fashion blog anyway, might as well right? So yeah, I'm going to be telling you guys some good popular cities to go shopping at. This list isn't in any specific order, but I'm guessing you guys should know that. Anyways, enough of that. Let get started!   

  1.  Paris- Well, this is a pretty obvious one, so I wouldn't go into too much detail about this one. This city is a beautiful place with many fashionable stores. A place where many people walk around in stylish clothes and the architecture are stunning.

2.  Los Angeles- This city is filled with shopping areas and it's warm weather is what keeps people coming. This city has many brand name stores and it would be the perfect spot to spend all your money when shopping for fashion.

3. New York- One of the busiest cities around. More than 8 million people live in this city. It has been said that recently New York has over 50 million tourist recently and spent over 30 billion dollars on lodging and of course shopping. Another place with unlimited  brand names  all around this city.

4. Milan, Italy- When talking about fashion, this place is a must. It has almost every fashion brand you can think of. This city even have guided shopping tours for tourists to browse around this city. This place is the perfect place for serious shoppers. Honestly though, I have never been to this place, but many people I have heard from said this place was the best places to go shopping, so I'm thinking of going here soon.

If you love to shop, these places are perfect for you. They will fill all of your shopping needs. That's all I have in store for you today. I'll try to keep your guys updated for more fashion info, but other than that, I hope you guys have a wonderful warm day. Bye!

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