Black Friday Shopping Tips

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

     Hello everyone! It's the time of year when we all waste are money like crazy. Everyone's saving up their money for this time of year and waiting in in super super long lines in every store they could possibly get to. I am going to tell you all a few tips and tricks on how to find good black Friday deals. I have been going to this event for as long as I can possibly imagine, and over those years of me going, I have found a few great ways to find great deals. Now let us get started!

1. Do the Research.
You should check out websites like  If you check sites like these, you can find a few stores that do this event early, and you will be able to get some pretty good deals at some stores if you go early, but if your like me who is too lazy to wake up at 3 a.m in the morning, well your probably going to need 100 of those alarm clocks.

2. Stay up late on Thanksgiving
Another way to get there extra early is to stay up late on Thanksgiving and go at 12 midnight. I did that once and I got some pretty good deals. I think I went to Jcpenny that time. Anyway, the good thing about this is you grab those items before the morning rush, and you probably won't need to worry about waking up on time.

3. Split Up
This is a good one if you are going with a bunch of friends or family members. You guys can split into a group of 2 and send each group to a different store with a list of what you guys want to buy. Make sure your guys stay in touch via text or phone call because their can be a LOT of people.

4. Follow your Favorite Stores
You can always follow you favorite stores on Facebook or twitter. Most stores this year round will most likely send out discounts and coupons via social media. I check them out every time Black Friday is around and I get a lot of great deals.

5. Shop online First
Try shopping online first before you face all those people. Some online retailers might offer a better price than those sold in the stores. They sometimes even have low or no cost shipping.

6.  Worth The Wait?
Sometimes your going to buy a very cute pair of shoes or a dress your have always wanted, but the line can be miles and miles long. Tell yourself if this is what you really want and need. I have been through this before and I can tell you it's not pleasant waiting hours in line for something you might not wear in the future.  

Well guys, this is all the tips I an give you that will hopefully help you all on your Black Friday trip. I will talk to you all again tomorrow, and if you guys have more good tips you want to share, please comment. Happy Black Friday Shopping! Bye.

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