Caring For Your Clothes

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi! I have been thinking that since a lot of people own clothes, it's important for them to know how to care for them. I'm going to be telling you guys a few ways to keep your clothes clean and fresh. Let's get started then!

Water Temperature.
The first thing you should know is what temperature to put your water for. The temperature is based on the color of your clothes.
Dark Colors= cold water
Light Colors= warm water
White Colors- hot water
If you don't want you clothes to shrink, it is best to use cold water and low dry settings. Also for jeans, they should always be washed in cold water. For the towels, they should go in warm or hot water. For bras I never dry them in the machines because they will get ruined, so what I suggest is that you hand them uo and let them air dry.

You should always store you clothes in a good place so it doesn't get ruined quickly and lint doesn't get all over it. You should never store your clothes in musty basements, attics, or the floor. You should also try not to store your clothes in air tight spaces because your clothes need to breathe. If you do try to store it in the basement make sure you do an examination every few weeks. By doing this, you can avoid the dye- bleeding, and water damages.

Removing Lint.
The thing I hate most are lint getting all over your clothes, and they can be pretty hard to take off, but I have found a few good ways to get the lint off.

Lint rollers- These can be bought almost anywhere like department stores, drug stores, and even some grocery stores. These usually have a sticky roller to help get the lint off.  Each roller has about 50 sheets of the sticky material. All you need to do is roll it up and down your clothe until all the lint is on the roller.

Duct Tape- These are really cheap and are pretty good for taking lint off your clothing. You can remove dust, hair, and fuzz with duct tape, but this method can take pretty long since each strip only covers a small area.

Air dry- By air drying, you'll save a lot of money since it's free and since most of the lint usually comes from the dryer, so if you air dry, you will get rid of the main problem. The breeze will also blow away any excess lint that is still lying around.

I have been using these ways to clean my clothes for a while now and they are working pretty well for me. I hope this helped you and if you know any other method, please comment on this post. I hope you guys have a great day! Happy Veterans Day by the way.

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