DailyLook Review

Thursday, November 29, 2012

     Hello my friends! I just cam back from a really long walk in the cold. Wish I did not have to, but I did not have a car with me. Today, I am going to do another website review. I was actually planning on doing something else, but nothing popped into my head at the moment, so I'm going to continue down my long list of websites I want to review. I'm going to do one on DailyLook. Let's get started then. So, DailyLook is basically a site that  shows you cute outfits of the week. I think it's really cool because it gives me some new inspiration on clothing styles and what to wear with each piece. It also allows you to buy the product that they show in the outfit if the week, and their prices are affordable, too.  They always keep up to date with the latest styles and trends for the season, and if you become a member you can upload photos of how you would personally style an item and other people can comment on it. There shipping was decent and the quality of the clothes were okay, although sometimes the clothes don't exactly look like the photos online, so be careful about that. I think you guys should check this site out sometime and tell me what you think of it. I will stop talking now. Bye.

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