Lorac Pro Palette Review

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't posted for 2 days. I was really busy with all the thanksgiving and Black Friday stuff. Then after all that, I had a really horrible headache, but It's all good now. Anyways, Today I'm going to do a review on the Lorac Pro Palette that I bought during Black Friday. This palette is very similar to the naked palette from urban Decay. I have a review for this one to here. The Lorac Decay would normally cost around $42.00 which is cheaper than the naked palette. The reason I bought this was because the colors looked really nice, and it's pretty similar to the Naked Palette. This palette is also great for traveling because it's very sleek and easy to store in your suitcase or purse. Another thing is that the shadows are very blend-able with each other. What I don't like about this palette is that the shimmery eye shadows tend to fall out and it gets pretty annoying if your wearing it for a long time. The other thing I don't like is how small each square eye shadow is because I don't think it will last me a very long time, but if you don't use much eye shadow then this would be a great palette for you. Overall this would be a great alternative to the Naked Palette. Well, that is all I am going to say today, I hope this helps you guys. Bye!

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