Spotting Online Shopping Scams

Saturday, November 3, 2012

So, I just came back from the mall and that's why I'm posting this up so late. Anyways. I am going to tell you guys how you can spot an online shopping scam. Well then, let's get started!

1. You should check if anyone has ever heard of the sites company, if not then it could be a scam. Also, if you can't find any info about it online than there's an even better chance that it could be a scam.
2. If the prices on the website are unusually low, and that it's too good to be true, well it is. If something looks wrong to you, then it probably is.
3. Make sure if the site wants you to pay by cash or credit because all legitimate businesses always accept credit cards, If the site doesn't allow credit cards when your buying something major like a TV, then you should most likely beware of buying from that site.
4. If this site offers you something for free, then it most likely is a scam because nothing is ever free. Most scam sites offers something free, but you have to buy something in order to get it, and that product you are ordering may have something wrong with it.
5. If a website is asking you for your personal information like credit card numbers, or passwords by email, that most likely indicates it is a scam. You should never ever share your personal details through email.

Hope I helped you guys with his post! Well that is all I'm going to say for today. Happy shopping and stay safe at the same time. Bye!

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