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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hi! I just came back from the freezing cold. It was so hot yesterday, but now it's freezing! Bipolar weather we got here. Anyways, As I said yesterday, I am going to list all the sites I think are trustworthy and you should shop at, but these are only my thoughts. There might be billions more, and I don't go to every shopping site on the planet. Well then, let's get started shall we?

  • NastyGal- I did a review on this before, you can check it here.
  • Gmarket- normally in Korean, but there is an English site here. Lot's of Asian fashion for men, women, kids, and there's also house appliances and stationary.
  • Yesstyle- I have done a review here.
  • ModCloth- review here.
  • Udobuy- review here.
  • Newlook- Lots of unique style for a pretty low price.
  • HauteLook- Discounted brand names for fashion and makeup. Sign up required.
  • Asos- Cute fashion with a huge selection to choose from.
  • Chicwish- Cute indie fashion.
  • Etsy- similar to Ebay, but sells more handmade things and vintage items.
Well There you have it! A list of all my trusted sites, and I hope this list will help you find a new place to shop and if you have more sites you would like to add to here, please comment on this post and I'll try checking it out. Hope you all have a great cold day. I'm going into my blankets now. Bye!

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