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Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm here again, and it's a rainy day, and guess what? It's almost thanksgiving, and you know what that means? Black Friday! Since everyone loves buying stuff on that day, I'm going to tell you a few ways you can save some money for that time of day. Even though I'm pretty bad at saving money myself, but these are some ways I saved money, and they worked pretty well for me. Lets get started then.

  1. Use Coupons and Voucher codes- Coupons can save you an awful lot of money if use them every time you got one. You might get a coupon to buy a few makeup brands or maybe even grocery. I have used almost all of the coupons I ever received and the saved me half of what I could have spent on makeup products.
  2. Go to Outlet bargains- Another good way to save money is to buy your clothes from outlets or online discount brand shops like Hautelook which I have told you about in my last post. Although, Outlet bargains don't have the latest trends, so if you don't mind not having the latest trends, then going to an outlet is the best way you can save money.
  3. Sign up for free rewards programs- Having a rewards card can help you get some coupons and discounts from the store you signed up with.
  4. Don't use your credit card- Try not to use your credit card, try and put your credit card in a safe hiding place and stick to using cash to buy what you need.
  5. Try making your own things- Instead of buying stuff, try to make them at home because buying the materials can cost much more cheaper than buying the actual products. You can try cooking your own food, or knitting your own sweaters.
  6. Take public transportation or walk- Using your car can cost you a lot of money, especially for the gas. Try getting some exercise and walk to your destination or take a bus.
  7. Buy items you know you will use- If you want to buy an outfit, try asking yourself if you really want it or need it. My advice for this would be to wait for probably 20 or more days and then ask yourself if you still want that item.
Well then, that's all I need to say on how to save your money, and  hope this has helped all of you. Try not to spend money and save for the upcoming holidays and events! I'll see you guys  next time. Happy Saving! 

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