Chloe+Isabel Review

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

     Hello everyone! The days are still cold and I'm wearing extra layers now. I hope you guys stay warm, and today I will be doing a website review. If you don't know what it is, well It's basically a site that sells jewelry. Kinda similar to This site has been founded by Chantel Waterbury, who is an expert in jewelry for over 15 years. I have just recently checked this site out a few months ago, and I can say that this seems pretty reliable so far. They sell a variety of different jewelry which you cant normally find in retail stores or even department stores. I have ordered a few things from there. I ordered a necklace and a bracelet. They arrived at my house in a few days, and the prices were affordable. Another thing I find unique about this site is their merchandising program that they offer. Now I didn't join the merchandise program so I can't really say much about it, but it's basically a program where you can sell your own made jewelry and you also get 30% in commission sales. Anyways that is all the info I can give you now since I am running out of time. Well bye everyone. Have a great day!

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