ShopRuche Review

Sunday, December 9, 2012

     Hello everyone! I am back, and today I will be doing a review on this site called This website has been created in 2008 by Mai Olivo and Josh Olivo. This site sells a wide variety of cute vintage style clothing and I have only found out about this site a few months ago, but I have heard many good things about it and I decided to order something from there. The prices of their clothes are quite affordable and they fast shipping. This site is very similar to If you don't know what that is I have done a review on that site before here. The customer service on this site is great, they reply back very quickly and I have not had any problems with them so far. They even sell bridal dresses and kids clothing. The quality of their clothes are great and one thing I absolutely love about this site is their look book because It gives me some inspiration and they are always up to date with seasons.  Overall, this site has great prices, great customer service and quality products. You guys should really check this site out. I will be going now. Bye!


  1. Just checked out the site! What an amazing find. Always looking for awesome online stores.


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