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Friday, December 14, 2012

     Hello! The days are getting colder and hopefully everyone is staying warm. I know I have done a winter fashion pick, but this time I want to do a season fashion pick. I have already done a nastygal site review here. Some of these I have chosen may not be your idea of winter fashion, but I hope you guys will still like it. Let's get started then!

1. Aurora Lace Dress- Poppy
This dress is very beautiful and perfect for the spring season I would say. It is great t wear on casual dates. I love the colors of this dress because they are just so bright and I love wearing bright colors in the spring.
The price of this dress is currently $32
Here is the link to buy this:

2. Chained Infinity Scarf
I have mentioned an infinity scarf before on my other post about my Fashion picks for winter. This scarf is very cute and has a nice design on it. I really like the colors because they are perfect for winter, and It is very warm.
The price for this is $65
Here is the link:

3. Nico Tee- Faded Black
Very cute short and great to wear on a cold day with a jacket or coat. You can wear it with skinny jeans or skirts. It keeps you pretty warm on a cold day.
The price is $48
Here is the link to buy:

4. Two Toned Thigh Highs
This is is very cute and it goes well with dresses and skirts. You can probably wear it to a party or on dates. I love that it has a grey shade at the top, it makes it look more stylish, and it is pretty affordable.
The price is $10
Here is the link:

I hope you guys enjoyed this and please comment is you guys want me to do another fashion pick. I hope you all stay warm during the winter. Have a great day!

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