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Thursday, January 16, 2014

     Hello everyone! You all have probably been waiting for awhile for my to post something new. Well, I am back after a ton of busy work and my schedule was very hectic. Awhile ago, I have found this interesting start up known as napwell. You all can probably guess what its purpose is. I know everyone is probably very busy either at work, school, or home. We all need some time to rest for a few minutes. Basically, this is a sleep mask that helps you sleep better, so I'm pretty sure some if not all of you have had sleep inertia before. Which is when you suddenly wake up in the middle of your sleep cycle, and I know this happens to me all the time and this mask essentially helps by slowly waking you up from your sleep with lights that come on from the mask. I think that is pretty cool, it's like waking up from the sunlight in your room. Another really cool thing is that this mask allows you to set a time to wake up, kind of like an alarm. So, if you hate loud noises like alarms in the morning or you just need a quick nap before going to work, this is a very quiet yet effective way of waking you up. 

The napwell sleep mask is great for most occasions such as when you're at home, work, or traveling. This would be great to use if you're on a plane and you want to rest because if you are like me and you can't sleep on planes or feel sick every time you are on the plane, I think this would come in useful because it keep your eyes from wandering and I think it could help ease you're mind a little more. Another great thing is that although this mask needs power to run, it is completely battery powered, so you don't need internet connection, recharging, or anything. I really like that it feels very natural without having to listen to loud alarms in the morning. For more info on napwell please visit this link

I hope you all enjoyed today's post and found this helpful. Please let me know what your thoughts are about this product. I would love to know all your thoughts and please leave any comments and suggestions below. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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