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Saturday, January 25, 2014

     Hello! I'm back with another of my top 5 lists! Today will be an instagram edition because I am pretty sure that a lot of people use instagram now and especially fashion bloggers. I have a huge list of my favorite instagramers, but I have narrowed it down to the top 5. Hopefully you guys will agree with me and check them out if you haven't heard of them yet. I will put a link to all their instagrams, and if you guys have any suggestions you'd like to add to the list, please comment below. I'd love to check them out as well. Happy reading!
P.S. This list is in no particular order.

This girl has over 100k followers on instagram and although she isn't featured in a lot of websites, I still think she makes it onto the list. She is a Japanese instagramer who has a lot of outfit photos ranging from cute to punk. If you've never heard of her, I recommend checking her profile and following her.

2. no7
If you are looking for someone who has a very abstract and unique style, you should definitely check out no7. Her name is Ceci, and she has over 200k followers on instagram. She has a lot of colorful fashion styles and if you are someone who loves colorful outfits, follow her! She also has a tumblr which you can find here, and follow her on tumblr as well!. :)
Also, if you want some of her styles, she also has her own clothing store. Click here to go to the site. 

She is a Chinese instagramer who has over 30k followers. Although she doesn't have as much followers as the last 2, she still makes it onto the list. IF you are looking for someone who has a more sexier and fierce style, I think you should follow her. She also has a facebook page which you can see here.

She only has 3k followers on instagram, but it's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality. Anyway, she has a lot of gorgeous outfit photos and she is worth following. She also has her own blog, you can check out here. Her blog has really good recipes you can learn to make, so check her blog out if you are into food as well!

She is a half Japanese, half German/British fashion blogger. She has a lot of cute outfit posts on her blog and instagram. She has over 300k followers and also, check out her blog here. Check her out and follow her as well! :)

     Sadly it is already the end of my list, I hope you all found this enjoyable and please remember to leave your favorite instagramers in the comment section below.  I am also thinking of doing a top fashion bloggers list- men's version soon. Please leave your thought if you'd like to see it, and I will compile a list for you guys. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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