Top Winter Dresses

Sunday, January 19, 2014

     Hello everyone! Since it is winter and all I can think about is what I want to wear on very cold days, I have compiled a list of my top winter dresses. I've been taking notes and looking though my wardrobe to put this list together, so I hope you all will like today's post.Also if you want any of the dresses shown in the photo, please click their titles. Please note, that this list is in no particular order. I hope you find this post helpful and enjoy reading!

I think you should all know, I am really obsessed with leather skirts. I really like how the leather and cloth a paired up and it just looks right for winter. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think leather skirts go really well with fur coats which is what makes it the perfect piece to wear during a winter evening with your friends.

2. Lace Dress- $49
Who can say no to lace dresses in winter? I really like how lace dresses make you look very casual. You can wear it in any occasion such as going out to eat with your friends, going on a movie date, or maybe having a cup of coffee. I think you can also complete the look with a scarf or knitted beanies.

3. Blouson Dress- $36
This dress is definitely on the more formal side, but who said you can't wear on a laid back evening at home. This type of dress is best when paired with your favorite statement jewelry. You can wear this dress for any formal occasion such as a formal dinner with your loved ones, or  fancy party. 

4. Peplum Dress- $111
If you are someone who loves to go to fancy parties and events, may want to stock up on some peplum dresses in your wardrobe. These dresses look great in winter and it shows off your curves if that's that you want from a dress. This makes it the perfect dress to wear to a winter party.

5. Collared Dress- $22-24
I really love collared dresses mainly because they give you a vintage feel. I love vintage things, and collared dresses work great for many occasions. Weather your spending the day at home, going out with friends and family. These dresses go really well with stocking which is another reason I love this dress, because during the winter, I usually love pairing my dresses with stockings.

     That is all the dresses I have on my list, but if you guys would like to give me some suggestions, please comment below. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful in some ways. Please leave your feedback and questions below. I would also love it if you guys gave me a few suggestion for my next post. Have a wonderful day!

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