OOTD: The Blues In Our Life

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ootd for the blues in our life.

ootd for the blues in our life. by koyumidragon on Polyvore

 Hello everyone! I have an announcement to make. I am thinking of updating my blog every Monday and Wednesday. That way, I can work more efficiently and have more time to plan everything out since I'm having more time on my hands now. Anyway, I have finally taken another ootd to show you guys. I was feeling blue that day, and wanted to style something that is blue. I know we all have those days when we are feeling blue, but let's take a moment and be thankful for all the blues in our life. Good or bad, they make us who we are today.

The shirt is actually navy blue, sorry if it looks gray or black to you. I probably should have taken the photo more further so you could see the full outfit. Also, sorry for my awkwardly bright skin...

These were the shoes I wore that day, but sadly I didn't have any blue shoes to wear. Oh well.
That's all the photos I have of this outfit, I hope you liked it. If you think there is somewhere I should improve, please tell me and also if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

The Items I Wore:
1. Navy Blue Sweater: 
2. Blue Dress: JC Penny(It was on sale for $10 when I bought it.)
3. Sandals: Cathy Jean

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