How to Get a Beautiful Natural Tan

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

     Hello! I am back with a special post for all of you today! I have been doing a little research of my own and experimenting a little with tanning myself. Since summer is already almost here, I thought, I should give you guys a few ways on how to get naturally tan without having to spend so much money on tanning salons. Who doesn't want a beautiful tan while heading out to the beach? Anyway, enough of me talking, let's get started. Hope you find this helpful!

1. Natural Sun and Lotion with Low SPF

The best way to get tan is to bathe in the sun, but you would want to have a lotion with spf, so you don't end up getting sun burnt. I suggest choosing and spf between 10 and 25 based on your skin type. If you're already a little tan, you should go for a lower spf. If you are really pale or don't go in the sun as much, you should get a higher spf so you can avoid sun burn. There are many lotions that have spf , so it shouldn't be hard finding one, you can get them from almost any drugstore, and they are pretty cheap.

2. Don't Forget to Turn Around

If you are sunbathing, you should remember to turn around constantly to get an even tan or else you will end up having one side darker than the other, and that is not a beautiful tan. You should turn around every half hour for all sides, so if you are tanning your back first, you should wait 30 mins and then turn to your left side for another 30 mins and do it for all sides of your body. Also, change the positions of your arms as well so you don;t get tan lines.

3. Use a Floatation Device In The Water

Using a floatation device on the water is extremely helpful because water attracts and reflects the sunlight which is something I didn't know until awhile ago. Laying in a body of water will help you absorb as much sunlight as possible and you also won't be burning on the hard ground at the beach or if your at a pool party.

4. Use a Spray Tan

Using a spray tan is probably the fastest way to achieve a perfect tan. Spray tans work tanning salons, only you do it yourself, and I honestly don't like going to tanning salons or going to tanning beds because they are so expensive and aren't healthy for your skin. You might need to spray from one to three layers to get the desired tan, but other than that, it's really simple. But, before you use spray tans, you must exfoliate the skin first to get rid of dead skin, and also, you can't remove the tan once you spray it on, so spray wisely!

     That's all I have in store for you today, I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment sections below and I will surely get back to you. I wish you all luck on tanning if you plan on doing it it. Please let me know if any of these tips helped you out. Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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