Tidestore Wishlist Part 2

Friday, June 20, 2014

     Hello again, I am back with another wishlist from Tidestore! I have recently done an ootd featuring a shirt I got from Tidestore. You can view it here. The quality of the shirt I received from this store was really good, and shipping was fast too! The prices vary, but most of the clothes there are affordable. I would recommend checking this site out if you want cute affordable clothes. Anyway, I am going to do a wishlist for this site again if some of you didn't see my first one yet, you can view it here. Lets get started!

1.  Cool Gold Fish Print Sleeveless Blouse- $13.99

2. Celebrity Lace Bucket Shape Women's Shoulder Bag- 14.99

3. Romantic Owl Wing Multi-Layers Retro Leather Bracelet- $7.99

4. Beautiful Bohemian Summer Nipped Waists Sleeveless Maxi Dress- $34.99

5. Casual Cotton Embroidery Horse Head Imprint Hoodie- $18.09

That's all I have in store for you guys today! Come back soon because my next post will make you want to spend your time at the beach. I will be going to the beach a lot over the summer, so I will be doing a beach essentials blog post for all you beach freaks out there. Stay updated on my twitter @Sharonisbetter
Have a nice day!

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