How Fashion Can Save our Lives

Saturday, July 5, 2014

     Hello my lovely viewers! I have returned with another special blog post for you all. Recently, I have noticed how fast our world is changing and somehow, I came to a conclusions. How do we all possibly keep up with the evolving world? What I noticed was how much the fashion industry is beginning to change. When fashion became popular. people only thought of it as a piece of cloth that transforms ones appearance, but now fashion is becoming more complex. Millions of fashion brands are emerging everyday, and everyday, they keep becoming more and more abstract. There are so many unique designs and functions each brand comes up with, but a very interesting idea has been brought in. Lately, I have been browsing the web and came across a new brand created by Elena Corchero.

     She is working on a new project called "Ecolorium". I thought this idea was very interesting because of the concept behind it. This is a new jewelry brand that has yet to showcase, and basically these are albedonite crystals that have been developed digitally using the 3D printed nylon. The thing I find most interesting about this new project is that it can actually help warn you about harmful UV rays. How it does this is actually quite simple. When you walk out into the bright sunlight, the crystal reacts to the sunlight and reveals bright colors. These beautiful colors make us aware of global warming, and skin exposure concerns. I really like this idea because many of us are concerned about our skin and we don't want to be exposed to harmful UV rays that the sun gives us, and for all the environmental activists out there, these crystals also create more awareness about global warming.

     Along with the beautiful designs, these crystals are also lifesaver for many of us who love being outdoors. I also love that the designs are very simple and not too abstract. This new idea has not yet been released, but it has been a very popular idea and is planning on being released very soon.


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