The Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea!

Monday, August 4, 2014

     Hello my lovely viewers! I have not been on for a awhile now due to the fact that I have to go back to college very in couple more weeks, and I still need to buy so many stuff for school I haven't even started. Anyways, I am also back with an addition to my tea series. This time it will be chrysanthemum tea( It took me awhile to get the spelling right..). If you are all stressed out like me, I would recommend drinking some of this because it has a lot of health benefits for your body which I will be explaining to you guys. Hope you enjoy today's post!

1. It Helps your Fevers!
Believe it or not, this tea is great for when you have a cold or fever. All you need to do it lay in bed and enjoy this tea. Also, don't worry, another good thing about this tea is that it is not bitter like most teas, it's actually pretty sweet. Anyways, this tea helps lower the temperature of your body when you are suffering from a fever or perhaps even a heat stroke. It can also help high temperatures you get from toothaches or headaches.

2. It Helps your Eyes!
Another awesome thing about this tea is that it helps your eyes, meaning that if your eyes are very dry, itchy, or red, you can drink chrysanthemum to help it. Whenever my eyes get really red, all I do it drink this tea and it help to reduce the redness. Although, I may have to warn you that this may not work for because the effects may be different for all of us. It may work for some and it may not for others. 

3. It Helps your Cardiovascular System!
The memorial sloan-kettering cancer center says that chrysanthemum helps increase blood flow and relive various high blood pressure symptoms such as dizziness and insomnia. It also has strong antibiotic properties which could be useful in treating chest pain or other related problems. 

4. It Helps your Digestion!
Who doesn't love eating, but there are times when you have digestion problems and you need something to make it better, so this is where chrysanthemum tea comes in. This tea helps control your digestion, especially if you have a meal with greasy and oily food. So who wouldn't want to drink chrysanthemum tea during lunch or dinner time?

That is all I have for today's information session on chrysanthemum tea. I hope you all found it helpful and enjoyed reading it. I will try to update my blog more frequently, but school is approaching and that means I will be more busy, but I will still try to update. If you guys have anything you want me to talk about, please comment below along with nay other questions you have for me. If any of you know more information about chrysanthemum, please let me know. I love learning new things. Have a wonderful day!

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