Tidestore Wishlist Part 4!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

     Hello again my lovely viewers! I am back with another wishlist featuring Tidestore.  I have been posting a lot of things about Tidestore on my blog, so I hope you guys don't mind. Anyways, this wishlist will be all the items I think are good to wear during the fall that you can find on Tidestore, so after this blog post, go check it out. The clothes at the site are really affordable and the are great quality. Also, if any of you guys ever bought anything from Tidestore. During this fall season, trench coats are becoming really popular because they look great with any outfit and keep you warm. You can check out a variety of trench coats on sale here! Please leave your feedback and maybe even post a photo of you wearing one of their clothes. Have a nice day!

1. Plaid Long Sleeve Loose Plus Size Overcoat- $21.99

2. New Leisure Slim Long Sleeve Hoodie- $17.99

3. Vintage Woolen Large Brim Hat Lady Cap- $12.99

4. Trendy Patchwork Asymmetrical Zipper Lapel Trench Coat- $23.99

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