The Benefits of Rose Tea

Saturday, November 1, 2014

     Hello everyone! I'm glad to be back on my blog! I am really excited to be adding another edition to my tea series. If you have not seen my green tea and oolong tea post, please check it out. This time I will be talking about rose tea, and it's health benefits. Honestly, I prefer drinking this during the Spring, but Autumn is also a great time to drink this, and it is very soothing during the colder season. Anyways, I don't want to drag on for too long. Let's get started!

1. It's a Mood Booster
Like most of the teas I mentioned in the previous posts, rose tea also helps boost your mood. If you feeling depressed or sad by putting an uplifting effect on the nervous system. It can help lighten up your spirits by relieving some of the stress you may have and the fatigue. Another awesome thing is that it helps with insomnia. If you are ever feeling down, just know that this tea will always try to make you feel better,

2. It's a Reliever
Now, this is for all us ladies out there. You've all probably felt there horrible stomach aches and cramps during your time of month. This is where rose tea comes into play. Rose tea can be used to relieve uterine congestion that causes pain and heavy periods. I have terrible stomach aches most of the time I'm on my period, so I try to relieve myself by drinking a cup of rose tea, and It does make the pain go away slightly. I would recommend drinking this if you also experience stomach pains or cramps. 

3. It Cools You Down
Another awesome thing about this is the cooling effect it gives your body by clearing it from the toxins in your body. It would be perfect to drink right after a long run or on a very hot day. Like most teas I have mentioned, this would be a great alternative if you are not a fan of green tea or oolong tea. 

4. It's a Friend of The Skin
Another awesome thing if you love your skin is that rose tea could help you skin from aging by reducing the time of cell death. It also helps to prevent your skin from being infected by bacteria. It can also help moisten your skin and promoted collagen production in your skin. Also, if you have really bad acne like me, you could consider drinking rose tea because it helps remove acne and dead skin cells from the skin. Rose Tea Rocks! :)

     Sadly, that is all I have in store for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please give some suggestions if you want me to do more of my tea series and which ones I should do. I always appreciate some feedback as well and comments or questions, please leave them as well. I will try to update my blog more often. Thanks for reading and Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Ooh that's so interesting! I like the taste of it but never thought it had so many health benefits too :) x

  2. Very informative post! I never had Rose Tea before. After reading your post on the benefits of Rose Tea, I can't wait to try it myself!

    Lilly. xx

    1. I'm glad you found this helpful! Thanks for reading Lilly! :)

  3. Nice! I think I'll try to buy the tea to try it by myself~
    Thankiesss ^^~



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