Get The Look- Red Love

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Get The Look- Red Love

Get The Look- Red Love by swongx featuring round neck tops

Hello everyone! I am back with an addition to my "Get The Look Series". Although Christmas has already passes, I still wish you all a Merry Christmas and this look was supposed to be dedicated to the Holiday, but oh well. I wanted to create a look that would be perfect to wear during Christmas, but since that passed already, I thought it would also look great for the New Years! I got this look off of Vogue magazine, but I'm not sure what year it was released. I fell in love with this look because of the bright red colors and for some reason, it reminded me of the New Years. I guess I was thinking about Chinese New Years at the time because red is a symbol of "luck" in China. Anyways, I tried my best to replicate the look while also choosing affordable pieces. Let's get started! :)

Ralph Lauren Stretch-Pima-Blend Crewneck

I found these "Ralph Lauren Crewneck" shirts while browsing on Polyvore and I think it looks identical to the item in the photo, but to be honest, you could find any red shirt that look almost similar to the one in the photo, so if you find another shirt, please share it with us. These shirts work great with any outfit and it will keep you warm during the New Year.

Alice + Olivia 'Tina' floral jacquard skirt

Alice + Olivia 'Tina' floral jacquard skirt

This skirt may not look completely identical, but I think it would still work if the skirt was knee length. I also thought the patterns on this skirt looked similar to the one in the photo. This skirt does give off a festive feel, and it would be perfect to wear to a New Years party. The only problem is that this skirt is a bit pricey, so if you find another alternative, please let me know.

Corduroy Floral Ribbon Flats

Okay, you will not believe the price of these flats! It's a pretty good deal, and they look really cute. The flats do not look exactly like the ones in the photo, but I just thought the floral patterns on these shoes would go perfectly with the floral scarf that I found. The shoes also give off an oriental feel, and I thought it went perfectly with the oriental look of this outfit.

John Lewis Sara Floral Scarf, Blue

If you look at this scarf and the one featured in the photo, they look almost identical in color and floral pattern. At least I think the scarf she is wearing has floral patterns, but I found this scarf on Polyvore and the price was pretty decent, but I think I could have found something for a lower price. What do you guys think? Is this scarf worth it?

This is all I have for today's post, and although it's not Christmas anymore, consider this as a New Years gift. I hope you guys found this helpful and enjoyed reading it. If you guys have anymore suggestions on how I can improve this series, please leave a comment. I have already gotten comments that I should buy my own items and show them and I am considering doing that once this series becomes more successful. I thank you for you support and wish you all a happy New Year! <3

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