Get The Look- Paris Dream

Monday, February 2, 2015

Get The Look- Paris Dream

Get The Look- Paris Dream by swongx featuring scented candles

Hello guys! I apologize for not keeping updated with my blog for awhile, but I am back with another "Get The Look"! This time, I found a look featured on EDIT magazine, and I wanted to try recreating the look. I have to be honest, but this look was pretty difficult to do, but I tried my best. It was a pretty fun outfit to search up as well considering the complex design of the dress. Anyways, I think this outfit would be perfect to go on a date or fancy dinner with friends of family. Since Valentines Day is approaching real soon, this outfit would fit perfectly with the holiday. I think the pink and black balance out well when put together and won't make the outfit too overdone. Well, let's get started then! :)

This dress from H&M may not look exactly like the dress in the photo, but it was the closest I could find and it was affordable. I also love the black lace around the collar of the dress. I think the black lace makes the dress look a little closer to the one in the photo. It would be perfect to wear this for Valentines Day which is coming up.

Nina Ricci Thais Leather Clutch: White

I have to admit, this purse is a bit pricey, but I think it really matches with the bag in the photo. The only missing thing on this bag is the tassels that you can see on the photo, but don't worry! You can just add your own tassels onto the bag. There are plenty DIY or you can find some extremely cheap tassels online as well. :)

I apologize for the short post today, but I hope you guys found this helpful and enjoyed reading it at least. Leave any questions, comments, or suggestions for my next post! I will see you guys again on my next post! I will try to be more consistent with my blog. Have a wonderful day! 

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