Indigo Wave Outfit

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hello everyone! I am back with another blog post. I honestly didn't have much to do during the weekend, so I decided to shoot a few outfit photos for my blog. I wanted to try improving my blog a little, so I tried taking the photos outdoors rather than indoors. I don't have a fancy camera, but I moved on from my HTC camera at least. Let me know what you guys think about this. :)
Anyways, in this outfit, you can see that I am wearing mostly dark colors. The sweater is from Banana Republic and the boots are from Aldo. You may have noticed these boots in my other outfit posts. I didn't want the whole outfit to look dark, so I included this necklace from My Vintage Spirit which I thought brightened the whole outfit and made the necklace stand out as well. 

Sweater- Banana Republic(Can't find it. Sorry!) :( 

Sorry! The item list is pretty useless if you want to find the items. I'll try to keep track of where I bought my items next time. Hope you guys enjoyed this post anyway. If you guys have questions or comments, please leave them. :)
Have a wonderful day! <3

FTC: This is a sponsored post by My Vintage Spirit.

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