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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello everyone! I am back with another outfit post as promised. I wanted to create an outfit that had a little more edge to it and more abstract, so I decided to pair this crop top with my high waisted shorts which you can't see. Sorry! I'm going to try and start taking my outfits full bodied rather than half. I noticed I have been doing that on almost all my outfit posts. Anyways, since I was wearing a leopard tops, I wanted to wear animal based jewelry. I paired the top with my elephant necklace that I got from Oasap, and I am wearing a gold lion bracelet that I got from My Vintage Spirit. I also added my diamond beanie that I got on eBay which I though would go well with the whole edgy look. If you are planning on going to a party or plan on having a crazy night with friends. If you are an animal lover as well, maybe this outfit would be pretty inspiring for you in some way, :)

Necklace- http://bit.ly/1Gdvrwt (Oasap sold out, so I found another site that sells this.)
Crop Top- http://bit.ly/1GQLZIW )I received this as a gift, so not sure where it is exactly, but I know the brand.)

FTC: This is a sponsored post by My Vintage Spirit.

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