4 Ways To Style- Flannel

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hey everyone! Today I decided to do a 4 ways to style post, and I am hoping to actually turn this into a series where I will be showing how to style certain pieces. I am going to show you guys 4 ways to style a flannel. These are based off my opinions on how I would style a flannel. I am sure there are millions of other ways to style flannels as well. If you guys would like to share, please do! Most of the styles I chose are casual, and some are a bit more dressy, but I try to stick to casual when wearing a flannel. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! :)

Items: Top-Zara / Shorts-Forever 21 / Flannel- Romwe

For my first outfit, I paired the flannel with my Zara T-shirt and Forever 21 high waisted shorts. I have a bit of an obsession with tying flannels over the waist as you can see in my other outfit. I think this outfit would be perfect for a day out with friends especially if you will be doing a lot of walking. The boots are very comfortable to walk in for a long period of time, and when it gets chilly, you can just take the flannel off your waist and wear it as a shirt. :)

Items: Dress- Beginning Boutique / Flannel- Romwe

This next outfit is more dressy, but still casual. I think this outfit would be perfect for casual dates like going to watch a movie or going shopping. It would also be a nice outfit to wear if you plan to go to the beach, I think the dress looks really cute for the summer.q This is another outfit with the flannel around the waist, so when it gets chilly, just whip it off and wear it as a cardigan. :)

Items: Hat- Forever 21 / Flannel- Romwe 

This outfit, I was actually a bit hesitant to post, but you guys could let me know what you think of it. I think this outfit is great for those long days out with family or friends. It's perfect for the colder seasons as the flannel would look cute if you layer it over the white top. I think this outfit is really simple and the hat and flannel adds a lot of detail to the outfit.  

Items: Hat- Forever 21 / Flannel- Romwe / Top- Khol's 

This outfit was styled with Coachella in mind even though it already passed. I thought this outfit gave off a boho vibe with the lace and design of the dress. I wore the flannel as a cardigan in this outfit this time because I was thinking about night life during music festivals. The temperature usually drops and you don't want to be freezing when your supposed to be having a good time, so this flannel would be perfect to wear during those cold nights. :)

That is all i have for today! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you guys have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Let me know which outfit you thought looked the best! I will see you guys in my next post! Have a wonderful day. :)

How would you style a flannel?


  1. All of these looks are cute and suit you well. I like that flannel shirt. I was so happy when flannel came back in style. It's always been a fave.


  3. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  4. Flannel is one of those great pieces that just never goes out of style, thank goodness. I love your ideas for styling it! I wear my boyfriends' flannels when I'm cold, over my t-shirts. Comfy and cozy!

  5. This is awesome! I have a few flannel pieces that I just shove to the back of my closet! So this is beyond helpful! Now I don't have to hide them, I can actually use them and not feel silly! This is great!

  6. You have great style! I love that hat and the stripes dress looks perfect for day and weekend fun. All looks fabulous!

  7. I love the stripe dress and I love that Forever 21 Hat!

  8. Such great outfits. I think the striped dress is my favorite. And I love that you wear a hat--they are so stylish.


  9. Great suggestions on how to use flannel stylishly. The hat is a nice touch and you look super cute in it.

  10. I really like the stripe dress and the plaid adds a nice touch. Nice hat is adorbs!

  11. I always had a thing for stripes! No matter what style you mixed it up with, it still looks good. Nice style! Loving that hat too!

  12. My favourite is definitely the first outfit. I love the little booties.
    They are so so cute. :)



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