Oz Naturals Anti-Aging Serum Review

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello guys! I am back with another blog post, and this time, I am doing a beauty review for the OZ Naturals Anti Aging Serum. I am going to be completely honest, I did receive these in return for my honest opinion, so I am going to keep my word. I will be completely honest in this review. I have only used this for a couple of weeks now, but I think it's enough to write a review for it. Before I begin, I would like to give you all some background info about this brand. Oz Naturals was co-founded by Angela Irish, a certified esthetician, and she created this company to embody everything she is passionate about- healthy skin, anti-aging, and natural ingredients.Oz Naturals was created to help people achieve healthy skin while also using natural ingredients. The anti aging serum has vitamin C and it's cruelty free, so it does not contain any alcohol. Now that you know a little more info about the company and product, I will get started on the review. :)


I want to start out with the positives. I love that the serum is cruelty free and the vitamin C adds a plus for me as well. When I first put it on, it felt very moisturizing and glided across my face very smoothly. It's also very easy to apply as well. It comes with a tube that helps make the application easier, and the bottle is pretty small which makes it travel friendly. Also, if you are not a fan of products that have a scent, this would be the perfect serum for you because it has no scent when you apply it. I usually apply it before I sleep, and I don't like having products that smell when I sleep, so I really liked using this. Another great thing is that it didn't cause my face to breakout. I have tried a lot of products and you probably may have not heard, but I have a huge acne problem, and I am always worried when trying new products because most of the time, they tend to cause breakouts for me, but this serum did a fine job of not causing any breakouts. :)


The serum did have some good points, but along with everything also comes the negative aspects. I'm not saying it's a terrible product, but there are a lot of problems I noticed while using this serum. First of all, the price of this serum is ridiculously expensive! I honestly would not spend $70 on a serum(But hey! It's currently on sale for $22) that could be bought at a cheaper price, and the serum just doesn't do it for me if you know what I mean. It doesn't leave me feeling amazed, and for a serum that costs around $70, it's not worth it. While I did say that the serum feels moisturizing at first, that affect fades away and leaves your face feeling dry. I didn't notice a dramatic affect on my face, and it did claim that it would brighten my face, but I was pretty disappointing with the results. 

Overall, I would say this serum is a bit pricey, but it works okay and does its job for the most part. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can buy it here. The serum does have its perks, so I do suggest that you try it for yourself to see what effects it has on you. Who knows, maybe it's different for everyone. If you guys have tried this serum, I would love to know your experiences with it. :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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