Laid Back Look

Thursday, June 18, 2015

This week has pretty much been a lazy day for me. The weather is warming up and it's summer, so I decided to put on my laid back outfit and enjoy the day at home. I honestly haven't had much things to do this summer, and what better way than begin working on my blog. I also did shop for some new clothes as well, and got a new camera, so that calls for more style posts which I have been slacking off on. So expect to see more style posts in the upcoming weeks. Anyways, for today's outfit, I decided to pair my new joggers from Tobi with this cute cotton on t shirt. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. I will be posting up anther style post soon, so keep reading my blog. My upcoming style posts will be taken with my new camera. I took this outfit with my old camera, so the quality is probably not as good. I am so excited for the upcoming posts! Also, please let me know what you guys will be doing over the summer. If you guys have any questions or comments, please leave them. Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day. :)



  1. Nice

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

    1. Thanks Rimanere, I will check out your blog. :)

  2. Lovely outfit and amazing pics=)
    KISSES from Italy


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