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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hi everyone! This has been a very hectic day, and you have probably noticed that I posted 2 times today. That is because I am going to be gone for 2 weeks without access to my laptop, so I won't be updating for awhile and I also just finished shooting my outfit yesterday and wanted to publish it on my blog before I leave. I recently received this really cute dress from Shein, and thought it would match perfectly with this bag I got. Overall, I thought the outfit gave off a vintage feel and it was so classy. It would have been perfect to wear for an evening party, but sadly, I don't have any to go to. :(
Anyways, let's get started!

Hat- Forever21 // Dress- Shein // Bag- Louis Vuitton

Sadly that is all I have for you guys before I leave, but I will be documenting my trip to Canada, so check back in 2 weeks. I hope you guys all have a wonderful rest of your Summer! :)

FTC: This was sponsored by Shein.

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