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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

back to school :)

back to school :) by swongx on Polyvore

Hey guys! You all probably know what this blog post is going to be about, so I'm just going to dive right in. It's already August, and you all know what that means. Back to school! For those who are just starting college or about to go to college in a few years, I have created a guide that will help make school a little more bearable if you are like me and have a hard time paying attention in class. Now this guide may sound very similar to a lot of other back to school guides, but I wanted to throw in a few of my personal tips that have helped me get through college. So, let's get started! :)

1. Be prepared
You always want to be prepared, so buy your school supplies early. When I say prepared, I don't mean that you have to buy everything on the list, but just things you know you will need. If you are planning on buying a stapler or a hole puncher, I think that's a waste of money because most likely you can go to the library for that. I know that is a lot of work running all the way to the library just to staple a few pieces of paper, but look on the bright side, at least you are getting some exercise, and being in college, you are on a pretty tight budget, so you should only think about things that are necessary like notebooks, pencils, pens, or folders. Another thing I think helps me stay focused is when my items look cute. I know that sounds pretty stupid, but I usually have more motivation to work when my items are good to look at. <3

This next one has helped me immensely throughout college. Editrevise is a service that provides feedback for any of you who write essays, and for those who are planning to apply for college, this service is like a dream come true. They will give you feedback on your college application, for example, if you are writing your personal statement, and you need some more ideas, Editrevise will give you feedback on your essay within 6 hours. Essentially EditRevise is like having your teacher or college admissions officer review your work before you turn it in. Editrevise is also offering a free ebook download to help you write a better college application and examples of college applications from real students. I recently sent in a report for college about important historical events and why they were important, and within 6 hours, they edited the whole paper correcting most grammatical errors along with helpful comments and ideas on how I could improve the report. They have professional editors to help improve your paper which I thought was great! Their feedback was clear and helped touch on new topics that could improve my essay. I wrote an essay on Schindlers List, and all the editors working on my paper knew exactly what the film was about and helped talk about the importance of the character portrayed in my paper. I love that the editors on this site don't tell you exactly what to say, but rather give you ideas on how you could write it, so the paper will still be your own voice, and I thought that really helped bring out ideas that I would have never thought of. Overall, I thought Editrevise was a very helpful service with editors that are experienced in their field. Editrevise is also running a $10k Scholarship essay contest along with other prizes. Applying is super easy, all you need to do is submit any essay from any school for a chance to win $10k! Also use the code Sharon10 for $10 off when using Editrevise. :)

3. Stay Organized
staying organized is one of the most important things about college. You will have a lot of reports to write and homework, so you don't want to lose any of that before the day it is due, so the best way is to keep a folder to put all your work in. It's best to have one for each class, and if you are someone who has trouble remembering when anything is due, you should keep a planner, but if you think they are too expensive which I do, then you can download an app like Evernote or you can use Google tasks. They are both free and they have an option that will tell you when something is due automatically, and it'll help keep your backpack less cluttered. If you are more of a journal person, I do recommend getting Kate Spade planners because they look amazing, and yes they are a bit pricey, but if you have the money to spend, I would recommend it. :)

This is a sponsored post in partnership with EditRevise and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.

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