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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Summer Party
Summer Party by swongx on Polyvore

Summer is coming to an end, so why not spend the time you have left with a party! I'm sure many of you have been partying all summer, and it's sad that it's coming to an end so before that comes, having one last party would never hurt. In my last blog post, I have compiled a list of summer wedding dresses, and now I am going to create a list for parties. Even if you aren't going to nay parties, it never hurts to dress yourself up. Summer is all about bright colors, so I picked out some of my favorite dresses from Cocomelody for both casual and formal parties. Let's get started! :)

If you are planning on hanging out with friends at the beach or if it's their birthday or yours, it would be best to choose a dress that is easy to walk in so it won't get caught anywhere. The dresses I chose in the photo above are perfect for these occasions. They are not too formal, but do add that classy feel to it. Also, the embellishments add a great statement to the dress and your look overall, so it won't be necessary to add too many jewelry which could get in the way if you want to have fun. You probably noticed that I chose high low dresses, and that is because I think they create the perfect look for the beach with the longer back that flows very nicely in the wind if that makes sense. Since school is also approaching real soon, many of you are probably going to be attending homecoming this year, and Cocomelody has a variety of homecoming dresses under 100. If you are like me who is extremely picky when it comes to choosing the right dresses in terms of length and style, then this website is perfect because it has a mixture of long and short homecoming dresses, so finding the perfect one wouldn't be too hard. :)

1. first dress // 2. second dress // 3. third dress

Next, I wanted to choose dresses that would be perfect for formal events. I chose dresses that were simple, but still stood out. I think metallic and gold are beautiful colors for summer. I try not to go for dark colors, but that's just my personal preference. I tend to go for darker colors during the Winter. Anyways, the glitter on these dresses make the dresses stand out even more and I love that it isn't over the top with the design, so if you are someone who loves simplistic yet elegant designs, then these dresses are perfect.

I hope this will help any of you going to party. I definitely recommend checking out Cocomelody, they have hundreds of dresses for any occasion whether it is formal or casual, and all for a very affordable price. Most if not all of the dresses I linked are under $500, so if you are on a budget, go check out this site. Have a great rest of your summer! :)

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