Travel Diary: Cruise to Mexico

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hi everyone! As promised, I have finally finished editing all the photos from my trip to Mexico. As you can tell by the title, I took a cruise for Ensenada, Mexico for the first time. I have never went on a cruise nor went to Mexico, so this was an eye opening experience for me. I honestly didn't have a chance to take a lot of photos when I got to Mexico because my camera died, but I hope you guys still get an idea of what I did. There were so many things I wanted to do when I got to Mexico, but sadly, I didn't get to them all, but overall the whole trip was worthwhile. :)

The photo above was when I just arrived to the port in Long Beach, CA. I was actually on the very top of the ship when I took this photo waiting for the ship to take off which wasn't until 6 pm, i think, so I ended up waiting a long time. I was also among the first few people to arrive. I arrived in Long Beach at around 8:30 am and decided to go grab breakfast, then afterwards, I checked into the ship at 10:30 am, which was way too early because the rooms weren't even open yet.

Here is a photo of the ship I was on. If you guys were wondering which cruise I took, I took the Imagination Carnival Cruise which was pretty awesome. I also have to add that the rooms were great, they were very clean and the beds felt comfortable as well, but because I get sea sick easily, I spent most of the time in bed. Other than that, there were plenty of things to do on the ship. :)

Wish I could have gone kayaking when I was at Catalina, but sadly, didn't get to. :(

I hate to say this, but this was the only photo I took when I was in Mexico. The highlight of my trip was definitely the horseback riding. I really wished it was longer, but I had a lot of fun. I did want to go zip lining which was what I was really looking forward to, but there wasn't enough time since we had to get back to the boat by 6 pm. Maybe next time?

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my trip to Mexico. This is the first time, I am blogging about my trip, so it's probably not very insightful. I am going on a 2 week trip to Canada in a few days will be exciting, and I will try documenting more of my trip in Canada, and hopefully it will turn out better than this one. Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

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