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Friday, December 25, 2015

Hello! I was able to put up another style post since it's Winter break, and I have a lot of time on my hands. Before Christmas hits, I decided to go to San Francisco to buy some last minute gifts for friends and family. It was absolutely beautiful, and if I got the chance to live in S.F, I would. The city was filled with lights. What more could I ask for? It was the perfect place to take some photos. Although buying the gifts were extremely hard because we didn't know where to buy them, and the stores were crowded obviously. Luckily, we got everything we needed. If I remember correctly, we walked for hours trying to find the perfect gifts while getting distracted along the way because everything was on sale. I tried to refrain myself from spending more money than I needed to. We took the Bart home and the first thing I did when I came home was jump into my bed curling up in my blankets with a nice cup of tea, and some movies. I had an amazing day in S.F, and hope to go more often. It's too bad that I don't go very often considering that I live about 30-40 mins away, but if you think about the traffic there, it would probably take an hour to get there, but regardless, S.F is a beautiful city, and I hope to take more photos there whenever I can. Anyways, in this outfit, I wanted to go for a more formal yet casual look, so I paired a black top with a navy colored blazer and striped trousers with a red beanie to add more color the look. This outfit was warm enough to walk around S.F at night without feeling too constricted, and the beanie added a nice tough of color while keeping my head warm. Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope you guys are all having a wonderful Christmas! :)

Beanie- Urban Outfitters // Top- H&M // Bottoms- Rose Fashion // Blazer- Zara // 
Bucket Bag- Zara

Happy Holidays! :)

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