Mood Board Monday + Giveaway!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello everyone! I am back with a mood board Monday and giveaway. Although this mood board is a day late, I hope you guys like it, and by the end of this, you guys can sign up for an awesome giveaway with great prizes, so keep reading. It's finally April, and I think this month, a lot has happened to e. I was able to collaborate with many brands, so stay tuned for those in the upcoming weeks. I was accepted for an internship this summer which is a pretty exciting for me, and I will be sure to keep you guys posted about that as well. Anyways, April has been hectic, but nonetheless, everything is looking bright for me. For this mood board, I decided to go with something that reflects my experiences, and my attitude towards them. I think April is a very "pink" month. It's already mid Spring, and Summer is coming up, which means that school is about the end. Although I don't have any huge plans for the Summer, I hope to spend them with friends and family. I just feel that pink embodies everything that is happy and positive. Because I had so many exciting opportunities this month, I stumbled upon this quote which I incorporated into the mood board, "Celebrate every tiny victory", and I am trying to live by that statement. Although, my achievements aren't mind blowing, I am still going to be happy for the tiny achievements that I have made personally and with this blog. :)

Louis Vuitton + Designer Sunglasses + Gold iPad Mini

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