A Minnie Palette Review

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Minnie Palette by Sephora
Hello everyone! I recently went to Sephora and stumbled upon this cute Minnie palette. I originally went to Sephora planning to buy the too faced palette, but I couldn't resist this palette, and I thought it'd be good idea to write a review on it. If any of you are Disney fans, I would suggest trying this palette out. One of the other main reasons that I bought this palette was because of the price. I was having a long debate between the too faced palette and the Minnie palette. I ended up choosing the Minnie palette because it was cheaper than the too faced palette. When I first "tried" opening the palette, I accidentally dropped it, luckily it wasn't too high up. I ended up leaving a dent on like 2 of the eye shadows which left me devastated, but aside from that, my first impression of the palette when I opened it was the colors. There was a lot of bright colors which I definitely needed since I have been overstocking myself with nude and neutral shades. I think the colors in this palette are perfect for Spring and Summer which I am so looking forward to!

For the price of this palette, I think it's fairly good. The quality is amazing and although some of the colors are sub par to me, I think most of them are great. When I say that some colors are sub par, I don't mean they are terrible colors, but that it just takes a little more layering to get them to show. I did a color swatch of a them on my hands below, and you can see that the lighter shades are harder to see than some of the darker ones. I tried some of the colors on to test how long they would last throughout the day, and it did last a fairly long time. I wore it on for at half the day, and it stayed on pretty nicely without cracking like some eye shadows tend to do. My favorite thing about the palette is how nicely they blend. If you know any beauty junkie, blending is everything! This palette does a good job with that. Another interesting thing about this palette is that the eye shadows and the mirror comes off, so it become a clutch which means if you ever use up all of the colors and need a place to store things, this would be perfect! If any of you or know anyone who is looking for a quality makeup palette and is a huge fan of Minnie, this would be perfect. Even if you aren't, I think this would be worth checking out if you're trying to branch out to new makeup palettes.


  1. Hi, fellow Fashionista! I have to say, I'm obsessed with your blog--the layout, pictures, and storytelling are gorgeous 😍


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