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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer is Here!
I hope you all have been well now that Summer is finally here, and for those of you who just got off school are probably excited am I right? I'm not sure how I feel about the weather right now. My house feels like an oven right now, and the fan is not doing me any justice. Hopefully I can make it through the season without melting. I recently had a photo shoot with some generous helpers. Based from the title, you can probably guess that flowers were involved. It also made for a great outfit post as well since I haven't done them in awhile. I was excited to experiment with a different look and something that was perfect for Summer. I really enjoyed the bohemian vibe this look gives off, and I think with the colors of the bouquet, it's perfect for a wedding in Summer or even Spring. Hope this can serve as an inspiration for any of you who plan on having a Summer wedding. As someone who's going to her first wedding, I am really excited and this whole look was a good reminder for what I want to wear to the wedding, and I may be doing a blog post showcasing the event! In the meantime, Summer is only beginning, and that means there is still a lot of time to enjoy our daily dose of vitamin d, and not to mention that July 4th is coming up soon, and I have a few things planned out. Thanks for checking out my blog post, and hope you all have an amazing Summer! :)

Dress- Johnnywas // Flowers- Floralconstruction

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