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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The past few days have been hot, and over the weekend, I decided it'd be a good idea to go to San Jose, where it was almost over 80 degrees! Luckily I stayed indoors most of the time, but driving there, I had to blast the A/C so I wouldn't get a heat stroke. It was already bad enough that I decided to wear a long sleeved black tee. While I was in San Jose, we went to a Japanese market, and if you've ever been to an Asian market, you will find some pretty cool snacks. I tried resisting the temptation, but I lost, and ended up buying a few snacks which totaled a hefty sum. The snacks were good though, so I guess I got my money's worth. Next I stopped by this tiny tea shop called Matcha Love. Although I was planning on buying their Matcha drinks, I thought I'd give the black sesame a try. The drink was pretty good and helped quench my thirst in the hot weather. Afterwards, I stumbled upon a cute area near the Japanese market and thought I'd take a few photos of my outfit. I put together a quick and casual outfit, and although the black tee was a bit too hot, I thought it would be really cute to pair with the green overalls. I have been getting into overalls lately, I thought the green overalls gave off a nice urban chic feel with a touch of industrial. It was perfect for casual wear and could easily be paired up with a white t-shirt. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and although I'm a bit late on this, I recently changed the name of my blog from A Girls Point of View to Sharon My Style. I hope it has a nice ring to it and would give my blog a fresh start to building up the brand. Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and please leave any comments or suggestions as well as feedback! Have a wonderful day!

What I wore:
Top: Forever21 // Overall: Urban Outfitters

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