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Saturday, October 8, 2016

I have returned with another blog post for you all. I can luckily say that I have been keeping up with college and have been doing pretty good so far. All that's left for the upcoming weekend is to study for exams. Wish me luck! Aside from that, how have you all been doing? I can finally sense the weather beginning to cool down after the past 90 degree weather we were having here in the Bay Area. Since the weather was still pretty sunny and not too hot, I decided to head to the beach to take a few photos of my outfit while also getting a chance to work with Red Leaf Leather which is a company that hand makes and sells leather wallets, totes, and passport holders. I received a beautiful wallet from them with my name engraved which I thought added a personal touch to the wallet. The color I got was a raw color and the quality of the leather was great. It felt really smooth and was easy to carry around, especially if you are someone who is always on the go and have a lot to carry. This wallet is small enough to just sump into any sized bag or even your pocket which I always do since I'm not a huge fan of carrying purses or bags. The wallet makes it really easy to take cash out. It has a metal clipper on it which helps hold your cards or cash so they won't fall out, so whenever I go order some coffee or grab a snack, I just whip out this wallet and take my card out. The minimal design is perfect for anyone who loves being minimal and wants a wallet that's efficient. The price for the wallet given the quality is pretty reasonable.
Since the weather was nice, I decided to head to the beach with a black flannel that I got from Urban Outfitters and paired it with a white Hollister top and black skirt. My overall outfit is pretty simple to go along with the whole minimal look I wanted to achieve with this wallet. Since I went to the beach, I wanted a nice cover up, so the flannel was perfect for that as it didn't make me too hot and went well with my black skirt. Since it was a weekend and I wanted some time to relax, I thought his outfit would be good since it was casual and comfortable. It also makes a great transition for the fall since flannels are so popular and they go well with any season and outfit. I hope you guys found my blog post inspiring in some way and hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

1. Flannel- Urban Outfitter
2. Top- Hollister
3. Skirt- Target
4. Wallet- Red Leaf Leather

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