My 2017 Resolutions

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The year is coming to an end and all I have to say is that this year has been a huge roller coaster for all of us. I think 2016 has been filled with both bad and good, and although 2016 may not have been the biggest year for my blog, I want to set up a few goals both for my blog and personally for 2017. I know that I always try to create goals every year, and I often don't do all of them like I plan, but I think it helps to set goals and push me a little closer towards what I want. I really hope that 2017 can be different, and I will accomplish something even if it's something small. I have so many things I want to do, and hopefully next year, I will finally be able to do them. I'm gonna try and keep my head focused and try to be more productive. I want to to do something for my blog and myself. Enough of me talking, lets get started with the list. I would also love to know what your New Years resolution. Thanks for reading! :)

1. Start a Fitness Routine.- Gotta get that Summer body!
2. Learn a new language.
3. Create a schedule for my blog.
4. Learn cinematography.
5. Improve my photography.
6. Contribute to a cause.
7. Go to a foreign country. 
8. Make a new Friend.
9. Rebrand my blog and turn it into a business.
10. Skydiving!

These are some of my goals for the New Year, and hopefully, I can fulfill most if not all of them. I really hope to rebrand my blog and turn it into something ore than a hobby. This blog has been with me for years now, and I want to turn it into something bigger and hopefully learn a few tricks about cinematography because I have always been fascinated with film making and creating stories out of my own life and objects. Hopefully I can get the summer body I've always wanted and maybe learn a new language like French or German. I've also wanted to give back to the community by contributing to a great cause and even make a new friend because I love meeting new people who have the same interests as me or even if we may be complete opposites. Well, 2016 is ending, I'm gonna go back and stare at the clock now. Please do let me know what your New Year's resolution is! :)
Happy New Year!

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