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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received this product in return for my honest review.
 I hope you guys are doing well. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I will be doing a product review today. It's been awhile since I've done one of these, but I recently partnered up with Minnavi to review some of their products, so this post is sponsored, however, this review is completely honest. If you guys don't know what Minnavi is, it's a Korean skincare brand that is making its way to America. It has not been launched in America yet, so I am excited to try it out and let you guys know that my thoughts are. Minnavi's concept is customized skincare, they strive to empower people to customize their skincare needs with their effective and safe products. I really like the message behind this concept becasue everyone's skin is different, and there are numerous amounts of ways to treat different skin types. I have acne prone skin, and it took me awhile to find a skincare routine and product that worked for me. Sometimes, the product would cause more breakouts, or make my skin oily. It's trial and error when it comes to skincare, although my skincare routine may work for me, it doesn't always mean it will work for someone else who also has acne. I think it's really important that people find the product that works best for their skin, and I think Minnavi's concept helps to to create a new way of how we take care of our skin. Enough of me rambling on, let's start the review.

Before I talk about anything else, I just want to take a moment to admire the packaging of these products. They look so sleek, and minimal. I love the colors and the tube bottle just makes everything more unqiue. The come in beautifully packaged boxes, and the face oils are the ones that are shaped in tubes and comes with droppers. Another cool thing about the face oils is that each one comes with a stand, so you don't have trouble keeping it up while applying the product to your face. It also makes for a good display on your desk or vanity. Moving onto the actual product usage. I received 2 different face oils, the first one I tried was the green one which is the olive fruit Camellia Oleifera Ampoule Concentrate. The scent is really nice, and this one helps to provide nourishment for your skin. Although the scent is strong, I didn't mind is too much and it didn't last for too long, so if you have trouble with scented products, this may be strong at first, but it settles, and fades away after a few minutes. The second bottle I received was a pink bottle which is Rose Hip Safflower Ampoule Concentrate and serves to help with elasticity of the skin. I enjoyed the scent of this one more than than the green one because it was lighter. All of their face oils are 100% natural vegan ampoule  without any synthetic addititves. They have a total of 6 face oils, all of the focusing on a different function. They are all great for moisturizing and keeping the skin healthy, and are all cold pressed and created from high quality oils without any chemical of toxic ingredients. The first night I applied these to my face, it gave a cooling sensation, and left my face feeling moisturized and dewy looking. I know some people may not like the dewy look of feel, and especially since I have oily skin type, I don't enjoy adding more oil onto my skin, but these face oils did a great job of retaining moisture on my face and left it feeling fresh the next day without having my face feeling oily overnight. 
The third product I received from them was the Fluid which is a four in one(moisture+lotion+cream+essence all in one) product. Their key ingredient is a patented ingredient called Whitenol which has the special ability to slowly penetrate deep into the skin thorughout the day and known to give very strong skin lightening efficacy. Whitenol is 400x stronger than Arbutin which most commonly used for whitening. Due to Whitenol  and other patented ingredients, this product provides a stronger hydration, moisturizing, and whitening effect for the skin. It helped the skin with pigmentation, uneven skintones, and spots on your face to give a brighter look. This product was really creamy when I first applied it, and sits on the skin really well. It did not leave my face feeling too oily, and does a great job with cooling my face. I definitely recommend applying this product on at night before going to bed. It makes my face feel more hydrated at night and I did notice that the dark spots on my face were less noticeable. I have been searching far and wide for a good product that is affordabel to help combat this problem. Due to the acne scars on my face, I've had problems with spots and it makes my skin tone appear uneven. However, using this product for about 2 weeks now, I noticed a difference. I will continue to use this product for awhile longer to see if there are any changes in my skin. I appreciate that this product isn't heavily scented, however, if you pair it with one of the face oils and mix them, you can add one of their scents. Overally, I think this product is great and given the price, it's fairly reasonable. 

To recap, I really like the products from Minnavi, and I can definitely see it making a change on the way we do skincare and how we look after our skin. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for products that are environmentally friendly, and invludes many benefits. Given that one bottle can help the skin combat multiple problems, I think the price is pretty good and the quality of each product is great. If any of you guys are planning to try this, here is how I apply it:

After cleansing skin and applying toner (optional), squeeze a few drops of the Fluid and oils and mix into the palm of your hand. Apply evenly all over the face. You can use any combination of oils  and amount. If you have really oily skin, I would suggest 1-2 drops, but if you have dry skin or living in dry conditions, our customers use up to 4 or 5 drops. Feel free to use any combination based on what functions you would like to focus. We encourage our potential customers to buy the fluid together with oils but oils can be used independently as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review and is helpful for this of you on the market for a new skincare product. I will leave links to the products featured in thie review. If you guys want more product reviews, pelase let me know. I would also love to know about any products you recommend. Please leave any questions or comments in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

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