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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I hope you guys have all been well over the Summer. Unfortunately, it is coming to an end and we all know the dreadful month of preparing for college. I put together a few things that I thought would be nice to have in college. I remember when I was an incoming freshman not knowing what to expect and feeling so overwhelmed. Hopefully this post will help those of you who feel stressed about college. College can be intimidating at first, but those 4 years will fly by really quick. I recommend meeting with your counselors throughout the semester or quarter to keep track of your classes and how you are doing in terms of choosing what classes you need to take next semester. If you are struggling with classes, don't be afraid to talk to your professor. I've had trouble with that during my first few years of college, and I wish I would have taken that advice when I had the chance for most of my math classes (who else here is terrible with math?). Another tip is to try and stay as organized as possible with deadlines, projects, and exams. That was the most stressful for me because I a terrible procrastinator. What I would suggest is to keep a calendar and mark all your due dates and plan ahead for any upcoming projects or exams and wait until you have planned all those out before setting dates to have fun, but do make sure to space them out so you're not overworking yourself. 

The Essentials

  1. Laptop - Every college student should invest in a laptop. A lot of professors will require their students to submit assignments online or have exams online. Sometimes, you might have to take an online class, and a laptop would make everything so much more convenient as opposed to using the school computers. 
  2. Notebooks - Every college student knows that taking notes is important for any class. You will need something to jot down ideas or write stuff down that you may need to remember on the exam.
  3. Smartphone - In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone. These aren't only used for texting and taking selfies. They are great devices for taking photos of the professors lecture notes and they have millions of apps you can use to make note taking and planning easier. 
  4. Backpack - You're going to need something to put all your materials in. A backpack is an essential for college. The backpack I'm using is from High Sierra, and it comes with a laptop sleeve and several pockets to keep my pens and pencils separate from all my other stuff. The backpack can hold a good amount of stuff, so if you have a lot of notebooks, binders, or textbooks, this backpack would be perfect.
  5. Moisturizer - Having a moisturizer handy is essential, especially in the Winter. The moisturizer I'm using is from Bliss and it's the Lemon + Sage Body Butter. It feels amazing on my skin and keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. What I like about it is that it doesn't make my skin feel greasy and the smell isn't incredibly strong, so if you're someone who doesn't like having strong scented products on you, I would recommend this.

Moving onto my outfit, I decided to pair a plaid flannel with jeans. I think for any day of the week, a flannel is always a good options. Especially with Fall coming up, you can't go wrong with a cozy flannel during lectures. I recommend putting something basic and comfortable when attending classes because who doesn't want to be comfy during their 9 am lecture? The flannel and jeans were from Uniqlo and the white top was from Brandy Melville. I think this outfit is perfect for anyone who is too tired in the morning to change.You can literally pair a flannel with any outfit and it'll still look good, I think the flannel adds a nice statement to any outfit. 

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you guys found it helpful and made planning for college a little less stressful. For those of you who are already attending college, let me know what essential you bring?  If you guys have any comments, feedback, or suggestions for my next post, please leave them in the comments below. I had a lot of fun writing this blog post and will see you guys again soon! <3

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.


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