Style Post - Plaid Trousers

Saturday, May 4, 2019

I'm back with another style post. I hope you are all doing well. This outfit was actually shot a couple months ago, but I thought it would make for a good style post. If any of you guys are following me on Instagram, you have probably seen some of these photos. Since I finally had the time to sit down and edit all of my photos, I wanted to share this piece on my blog. In this outfit, I am wearing an olive green turtleneck and I paired it with grey plaid trousers. These combination was very comfy, and perfect if you just want to relax. If you plan on eating a lot, these pants are great because they are loose fitted and pretty flexible. If you plan on getting a food baby, these trousers would be great to wear so that your stomach isn't restrained. The fabric is also very soft, so you won't have any problems with feeling any discomfort throughout the day. I also love the vintage look that these trousers give. I also wanted to add a bit of color to this look, but didn't want any colors that would be too loud or overbearing. I paired the plaid trousers with this olive green sweater, and I thought the color of this sweater went well with this trousers. It added a nice touch of color and some dimension to the overall look. To top everything off, I wore a cute black mini backpack. I think the backpack complimented the outfit very nicely, and balanced out the tones. This outfit is effortless, chic, and extremely comfortable. If you guys now me, I definitely need pieces that are both comfortable and stylish. 

Thanks for checking out this post, and I hope you guys liked it. I am working on another post which will be posted later this week. Please leave any suggestions you may have and feedback is always appreciated. All the items I'm wearing are listed below. :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

What I'm Wearing
Top - Aritzia
Trousers - Aritzia
Backpack - Target


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