Style Post - Minimal Lounge Wear

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Hope you are all doing well. It's been a pretty busy week for me. I've been drowning in work, but blogging keeps me sane. Over the weekend, I took a walk around Santa Cruz because it was a pretty nice day. The weather has been getting warmer, and that means more opportunities to take photos! I wanted to share another style post with you guys since I haven't done that in awhile, and the weather was perfect, so I was pretty happy how the photos turned out. Since the weather is getting warmer, it makes me feel more laid back, and that's why I went with this outfit. I wanted something that was loose and easy to stay in throughout the day. With Summer coming up, I prefer clothing that are more comfy and easy to move in like dresses or lounge pants because I sweat pretty easily and when I'm wearing tight fitted clothes like jeans, they tend to stick to my skin. Hence, I decided to put together this outfit that I thought was really cute, simple, and most importantly, comfy. I wore these cute white lounge pants that I bought from TJ Maxx and a black body suit from Uniqlo and paired it with a cute oversized knitted cardigan. I really like this cardigan because it's thin which is perfect for warmer weathers, but also keeps you covered and warm for when you are out during the evening or night. On another note, this bodysuit has become my favorite wardrobe item. The material feels amazing, almost like silk and it just feels so soft on the skin. This piece was part of the Alexander Wang x Uniqlo collection, and I am obsessed with it. They come in a multiple colors, but I chose the black one because I thought it was more timeless and goes well with a lot of my outfits. This outfit is great for when you want to have casual hangouts with your friends or even when you're on a date with your significant other. :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I am working on another blog post which should be released next week. Let me know what your ideal outfit is for the Summer? Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you guys in the next post. 

What I'm Wearing
Bodysuit - Uniqlo
Bottom - TJ Maxx
Cardigan - Aeropostal
Shoes - Birkenstock


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