How I Stay Organized As a Blogger

Monday, August 5, 2019

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I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Today, I wanted to put together a blog post on how I stay organized as a blogger. If you are a blogger or aspiring to become one and want to know how you can manage your time and create a consistent schedule, I have compiled together a few apps that I use to stay organized. When I first started blogging, the most difficult part was staying on schedule and planning out my weekly posts. I would try to plan out everything in my head and I would always forget or just not have the motivation to stick to my schedule. I think for any blogger, the most important thing is being able to organize your content and put them out on a consistent basis. It was definitely hard for me cause I thought I would be able to just put out blog posts by coming up with a topic in my head and writing it out the same day. I was not consistent with my schedule and that affected my work ethic and motivation. When I started getting more serious about blogging, I decided I needed to create a schedule for myself and follow through with it. As a blogger, social media is one of the most important platforms to promote your blog and with so many being used, it's hard to keep track of them all, so I began to use different scheduling services for different social media platforms, and it definitely helped boost my productivity and gain a larger audience for my blog. I hope this post will be helpful to any aspiring bloggers, college students, or even for everyday use. I know keeping track of friend and family events can be tiring. All the apps I will be listing, I use for both my personal life and work. Hope you guys enjoy this blog post and feel free to comment below what apps you guys use for staying organized. :)

Planning My Social Media

Tailwind - Pinterest is one of my main sources of traffic. I love using Pinterest to get inspiration, and it's also a platform I use to share my blog posts. I try to add at least 20 pins to my boards and doing that every day can get tiring and time-consuming which is why I like to use Tailwind which is a scheduling service for Pinterest. You basically install a plugin on your browser and when you go on Pinterest, you just click the Tailwind icon when you want to queue a post. My favorite thing about Tailwind is that it creates a schedule based on your audiences stats and sets the best times for you to post on Pinterest. All you do is find pins and click the little Tailwind icon and you're all set. Another cool thing about Tailwind is that they have "tribes" which are like group boards on Pinterest, but it's a community of like-minded Pinterest users who help each other out through repins.

Plann - As a blogger, I like to make my Instagram feed stand out and create a consistent theme. For example, I try to add more bright and colorful images to my feed. I'm not sure if I'm the only person who does this, but I like to see how my image looks on my feed before posting it because I want to make sure my feed is well-coordinated and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For this purpose, I use Plann which is an app that lets you see how your image looks on your feed before it gets published. You can also use this app to help plan out your feed. If you want to schedule your posts and have them post automatically to Instagram, you will need to purchase the pro plan. However, if you just want an app where you can see a post on your feed before posting it, then I would recommend just using the basic plan which is free and which what I'm using.

Tacking My Deadlines

Trello - As a blogger, I am always thinking of different topics to blog about, so I need a platform that can help me track what I want to post and when. I use Trello for this purpose, and it makes it really easy and simple to plan out my posts and create deadlines for myself. I love Trello because the layout is minimal and very easy to navigate. Trello comes with a calendar so that when you set deadlines for yourself, you have a calendar view of what is due. It makes it easy to track when my deadlines are coming up and it has definitely helped my workflow. You can also create teams and invite people to your boards, so if you are working with a team on a certain project, you all can check in on what each person is working on and assign different people to different tasks. It definitely simplifies the process of planning and setting deadlines for both yourself and a team.

Google Sheets - I have a lot of different ideas for blog posts, and also collaborations with different companies, and having them all in one place makes it easier for me to see what I need to do, and who I'm currently working with. For this purpose, I use Google Sheets to help organize all my collaborations or sponsorships. I am constantly updating my progress with each brand and monitoring the status of each project. Google Sheets makes that process so much easier and it also allows me to share my current progress with the brands I'm working with, and also add stats and organize all the materials needed for my collaboration or blog post.

Managing My Schedule

Google Calendar - This is more for my personal use, but as a college student, I like to keep track of all my assignments, exams, and even class times. What I love about Google Calendars is that it notifies you when a certain event is coming up, and I also love that the overall look is minimal and clean. I use Google Calendars to help keep track of my schedule, so I know what days I'm working, attending class, and also birthdays. Google Calendars allows you to color code different events which I love because it brightens my calendar. For example, I would set events where I'm hanging with friends or having a day off in pink while days I'm attending class or working, in purple. They let you add reminders, tasks, and events. It's also great because you can notify friends of certain events.

Storing Blog Content

Google Drive - Being a blogger, I'm always taking photos and using stock images, so I need to have a place where I can store all my images and the best place I like to put all my content is on Google Drive because it's universal to both desktop and smartphones. When I add an image to Google Drive from my camera, I can also open it directly on my phone. I am always going between my phone and desktop when it comes to posting images because I use my smartphone to post images on Instagram. When I first started, I would just send images through email or as a Facebook message, but that is always a tedious process and gets a little messy at times. Google Drive allows all my images to be in one place and easily accessible anywhere.

That concludes my post on how I stay organized as a blogger. I hope this post was helpful to you guys. If any of you have different ways of staying organized, please share in the comments. I would love to know how you guys like to stay organized. I am also working on another style post which I hope to post by the end of this week, so look out for that. Hope you all have a great day! :)


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