My First Tattoo

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hope you all are doing well. Judging by the title of this post, I'm sure you all can guess what I'm going to be talking about today. For the longest time, I wanted to get a tattoo and I finally managed to get one in February of this year before everything happened. I was full of many different emotions when I finally set a date to get my tattoo. I was anxious, a little scared, but mostly excited. I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a little over two years, but because I was so picky on the design, it took me forever to schedule an appointment. For this blog post, I wanted to share my experience of getting a tattoo with you all and hopefully my experiences will give more insight to those of you who are planning on getting a tattoo, but don't know what to expect. Overall, I am very happy with the design I ended up with and wanted to give a special thanks to my tattoo artist for making this all possible! :)

My Design
You guys are probably wondering why I chose the design that I did. My main source of inspiration was Pinterest and Instagram where I follow different tattoo artists to get a feel of their art styles and to look through their portfolio. I will go into more detail about how I chose my tattoo artist later. I wanted something that resonated with me and was meaningful. I scrolled endlessly through Pinterest looking for some inspiration. I knew I wanted something floral, but wanted it to relate back to me somehow. That was when the idea of birth flowers came to me head, and how I ended up with a Larkspur flower to be my design because Larkspur was the flower for July which is my birth month. As cliche as that sounds, I was set on getting that flower and also wanted the words "July" written on the stem, and that idea came from Pinterest. I saw multiple flower tattoos with words engraved on stem and thought it looked really nice. So, that's basically how I came up with my design, and the next step was finding the right artist to recreate my vision.

Choosing an Artist
When it came to choosing an artist, I was mainly looking for someone who has done floral designs and lettering. My main target was artists located in the Bay Area because it was most convenient for me. There were a lot of good ones which made it incredibly difficult to choose from. I created a list of the artists that I thought fit my vision and emailed all of them asking for a quote and the availability. The price didn't play a huge factor in a decision because I knew that a tattoo would be permanent, so I wanted to make sure that the artist was able to recreate my vision and I wouldn't mind splurging. After almost a month or two of researching artists and emailing back and forth, I finally settled with Long as my tattoo artist who works at New Generation Tattoo in San Jose, CA. We emailed for about a month before scheduling a date and the first appointment I made with him didn't go through because something came up, so I had to reschedule to 3 months later. Long was extremely patient with me and made sure to keep in touch regarding my design before the appointment. On the day of my appointment, we discussed my design and during that time, I had a lot of requests and changes and I'm thankful that he was so understanding throughout the appointment and I didn't feel rushed. Choosing the right artist is definitely the most important step in the entire tattoo process. My tip when choosing an artist is to definitely research them thoroughly and make sure their art style aligns with what you want. You should also take a few weeks to email back and forth to make sure he/she understands what you wants and it will help you get a feel of the artist and if you feel comfortable having them do your tattoo. If you guys are curious or interested in getting your tattoo done by Long,  I will leave his Instagram and the tattoo shop I went to below.

Long - Instagram
New Generation Tattoo - Instagram, Website

Getting The Tattoo
The questions people always ask when getting a tattoo is "how painful is it?". Based off my experience, I would say from a scale of 1 - 10, the pain level for me was a 5. Everyone's pain tolerance is different, so it may hurt more for some people, but for me, I found it pretty bearable. To me, it felt like tiny pinches on your skin. Before getting my tattoo, I read up on pain levels of different parts of the body, and found out that the rib cage was the most painful place to get it. After reading that, I got more nervous about getting my tattoo. However, it ended up not being as bad as I thought and I kind of got used to the needles after awhile. There were some parts that hurt more than others, but overall, nothing too bad. My skin is pretty sensitive, so It got really red afterwards, but the redness started fading after an hour or so. This is just based on my experience and not everyone may feel the same, but hopefully getting some insight will be helpful to those of you who are planning on getting a tattoo. However, if any of you are going to get a tattoo done on your rib cage, you will basically be prepared to get it anywhere the next time. :)

The Aftercare
I think the aftercare for my tattoo was probably the most difficult because I had to make sure I didn't accidentally rub my skin on anything or accidentally scratch it. After a day of getting the tattoo, it was very itchy for me and it would sting when I was showering. I made sure not to apply soap on the area and would apply aquaphore and Vaseline after showering to soothe the pain. The burning feel went away after the third day, but I still made sure to wash the area gently whenever I showered. The first week or two, the area would get itchy whenever I accidentally rubbed it against my clothes when I was laying down. After doing the after care routine for about 2 weeks, the tattoo had healed. One thing to note if you are getting your first tattoo and aren't sure what to expect, if you notice that your tattoo starts peeling, that's completely normal. It just means your skin is healing itself. When I noticed it the first time, I freaked out cause I thought I might have rubbed it against something or scratched it and ruined my tattoo, but it's totally normal. I will leave links to all the products I used for my aftercare. :)

Aftercare Products:

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If any of you are planning to get a tattoo, I would love to know what you are planning to get. Please let me know if you guys would like me to talk about anything else or have any suggestions on future posts. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you all for reading and hope you guys have a wonderful day!

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